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The Kumon method of learning

Kumon is the world’s leading after-school enrichment programme, offering Mathematics and English/Native Language subjects to students from pre-school through university.

In Kumon, we enable students to actively develop their self-learning skills rather than passively receive instructions from Instructors. Kumon students study independently at a level that is appropriate to their ability. By progressing in small steps, they gain the confidence and knowledge to solve challenging problems.

This individualised self-learning method has effectively improved the study skills of millions of students worldwide, maximised their potential and nurtured them to be the best they can be.

How Kumon helps your child to excel

Boosts Confidence

Kumon’s learning method focuses on a child’s ability rather than age. For instance, a Primary 1 student can study material for Primary 3, depending on their ability. Hence, students can advance beyond their school grade level.

Each child progresses at a level that matches their ability. Students who need more time to learn feel less pressured; while students who excel are given more complex study materials to challenge themselves.

Cultivates independence

The Kumon worksheets are designed to foster self-learning, where students are taught to solve problems by themselves.

Examples and explanations within the worksheets encourage students to self-learn.

When students complete worksheets on their own, they learn to set goals and solve unfamiliar and challenging tasks independently.

Gain life skills

Besides developing academic abilities, students also learn important life skills such as self-discipline and time management. In addition, they gain confidence, a healthy self-esteem and a challenging spirit - to challenge and exceed one’s own limits.

Kumon’s approach to education prepares students for today’s world, ensuring they excel in the classroom and in everyday life.